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mlbclaims's Journal

Claim Your Baseball Players
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Welcome to mlbclaims! This community was made for all fans of the MLB to claim their favorite baseball players.

You can claim up to 3 players/things (you may get to claim an extra one if you make an icon/banner/etc for the community). You can also claim THINGS of players, i.e. "Nate McLouth's batting gloves". So, you could have two player claims (or more) plus one player 'thing'. You could also have it the other way around - two things and one player.
If your journal has not been updated for over 4 weeks, then your claim is deleted and will be put up for grabs.
Do not try and claim your players all at once. Wait a day or two before claiming your second (or third) player after claiming your first one.
You MUST specify the team your player (or thing) is on. If you do not, then your entry will be ignored.
Feel free to advertise any communities you've created or are in - just be sure that it is sports related.

You must make a new entry to claim a player.


* If you want to be one of our affiliates, make a post in this community and you'll be added. :)